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“We feel happy when you are happy, and we suffer when you suffer. Therefore, during these days of extreme adversity, we are striving and ceaselessly praying for your welfare and an easy way to save you from disease and the fear of an epidemic”. Swami Vivekananda wrote in the “Plague Manifesto” during Kolkata Plague 1898.

 On 24th of March 2020, Prime Minister of India announced the lockdown to prevent the spreading of Coronavirus which was devastating the whole world.From that day onwards till 31st May entire country came to a standstill. The nationwide lockdown due to COVID-19 is having a huge impact on various groups of people like migrant laborers, daily wage workers, rickshaw drivers and other day-to-day earning people.

Sri Ramakrishna Order which has a great legacy and experience of 120 years of conducting relief operations from the time of Sri Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda and his disciples, carried out COVID_19 relief work through 144 branch centres in India from day one to ease the conditions of afflicted.

Sri Ramakrishna Ashrama, Mysuru organised COVID-19 relief services within the city as well as in the villages in and around Mysuru as per the norms of the Government and District Administration to those affected by lockdown measures.

The following relief services were carried out from 26th March to 31st May 2020.

1. Providing food to the poor and needy:

Cooked food was served to the poor and needy for 58 days from 26th March to 22nd May 2020. Daily about 250 people were fed. In total 13,650 plates of cooked food was distributed as per the guidelines of the competent authority and through Akshaya Aahara Foundation, the approved food distribution agency.Food was prepared in our Vidyashala kitchen maintaining cleanliness and hygiene under the guidance of monastics of Vidyashala. The food consisted of Rice Bath, Puliyogare, Chitranna and vegetable bath served on different days.  

2. Distributing COVID Protection Kits:

COVID Protection kit consisted of Washable Masks, Soaps, Sanitizer 100 ml, Biscuits, Vitamin ‘C’ Tablets and Tissue Paper pack packed in Vidyashala. About 2100 Corona Protection kits were distributed in Mysuru from 28th March to 9th April.  Along with each kit, COVID awareness handbill in Kannada prepared by us was also distributed. We tried to give them awareness about handwashing, hygiene and social distancing during this period.

3. Distributing Dry Ration Kits:

About 2700 ration kits consisting mainly of the following items were prepared by monks & volunteers at Vidyashala Campus.The distributions began from 20th April March 2020 and concluded on 28th May. 2700 Kits were distributed (details in the side box). In our adopted village Tenakalamole in Chamarajanagar district, COVID-19 Relief operation was conducted on 19th April 2020 for 200 families in two villages.

Mysuru district in-charge minister Sri Somashekar and Mysuru Deputy Commissioner Sri Abhiram Shankar took part in the distribution of ration kits at Viveka Smaraka on 23rd April 2020. Sri Somashekar appreciated the precautionary measures and social distancing taken while distribution.

Distribution work was carried out with the help of local Corporators, police departments and local persons.

COVID 19 Relief operations:

A core team consisting of monastics, volunteers, Vidyashala teachers and staff along with local government administrative were responsible to plan and implement the relief operations maintaining social distancing protocol.

All the COVID precautionary measures were taken while procuring required relief materials, cooking food, preparing kits and distribution

To create awareness among the citizens of Mysuru with regards to Coronavirus, the following articles were published in Star of Mysuru  and Mysuru Mitra

  1. Article on ” Biology of  COVID-19 and call unity”  by Swami Muktidanandji appeared in Star of Mysuru  
  2. ಸ್ವಾಮಿ ಮುಕ್ತಾನಂದಜಿ ಅವರ ಕರೋನಾ ವೈರಸ್ ಕುರಿತು ಲೇಖನ:     ಕರೋನಾ ವೈರಸ್, ರೋಗ, ಚಿಕಿತ್ಸೆ ಮತ್ತು ಅದರ ತಡೆಗಟ್ಟುವಿಕೆಯ ಜೀವಶಾಸ್ತ್ರ

We all have our roles to play in times of crisis. No matter how big or small it is, it makes a difference and that’s what matters. We are trying to make a difference to as many persons as possible.

All our relief services are based on the principle of “Shiva jnana jiva Seva”   serviced rendered without any discrimination of race, caste, community and religion.


Our sincere thanks all who were with us in this ‘SEVA’to humanity during the lockdown period, especially to our donors who supported financially, volunteer and local Govt. administration who worked with us. With your generous help, we could reach out to the afflicted.

Covid prevention lockdown is slowly unlocking. As responsible citizens of the country, we have a significant role to play in fighting with Coronavirus. As Swamiji said in the 1898 Plague Manifesto “Come, let us give up this false fear and, having faith in the infinite compassion of God, gird our loins and enter the field of action. Let us live pure and clean lives. Disease, fear of an epidemic, etc., will vanish into thin air by His grace”.

Yours in the service of the Lord,

Swami Muktidananda


Summary of the report:

  1.  Cooked Food Distribution: The centre served 13,650 plates of cooked food in Mysuru city.
  2.  Sanitary and Hygiene Items: The centre distributed 9,682 bars of Bathing Soap, 5482 Washing Soaps, 5867 Washable and reusable face masks, 2,300 hand sanitizer bottles(100 ml), 9000 Vitamin Tablets, and 480 nos Tissue Paper (100 nos Pack).
  3.  Dry Ration Kit Distribution: The centre distributed 5362 kg Atta, 2681 kg Sugar,2681 kg Sooji, 2681 kg Toor Dal,500 kgs Rice, 100 kg Fried Gram, 100 kg Maida, 2681 Ltrs Cooking oil, 2681 kg salt, 2681 packets of 250 grams Tea Powder, 2482 kg Vegetables & fruits (Banana, Cabbage, Mango and Mosumbi) 400 kg Jaggery & other items & 150 kg Maida & Besan, 3872 packets of Biscuits among 2741 families


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