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Puja at Ramakrishna Kutira, B R Hills

16.03.21 06:23 AM By Sri Ramakrishna Ashrama - Comment(s)

Inauguration of “Srimat Sureshananda-Yatishwar Hall” on the first floor of the Ramakrishna Kutira at B R Hills took place on Wednesday, 8th December, 2021. On this occasion Gurumaharaj puja, Homa, Gana Homa and bhajans were performed. About 450 people attended the event, including 150 local tribal p...

Green Mysuru Concluding and Prize Distribution Program

28.02.21 11:04 AM By Sri Ramakrishna Ashrama - Comment(s)

Swami Sureshanandaji former President of Mysuru Ashrama was a great lover of plants. During his tenure in Mysuru Ashrama he literally transformed the campus of Sri Ramakrishna Vidyashala into a green mini forest by planting several varities of plants, some of which were rare once to the city. In mem...